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Chapter 3 Strolling through illustrated ShimotsumaWith an abundance of valuable historic sites, nature,and culture, Shimotsuma is blessed with resources fortourism. Illustrator Koji Makino walked through the cityto provide his unique perspective of the various landscapesin the form of drawings. As he strolled along the streets ofShimotsuma, he captured the places he visited, the thingshe saw, and the people he encountered in his expressiveillustrations.3SHIMOTSUMA STORYイラスト遊歩inしもつま貴重な史跡や自然、文化が数多く存在し、観光資源に恵まれた下妻市。その下妻のまちをイラスト作家のまきのさんの視線で見てみたら、どんな下妻が見えてくるのでしょうか。下妻を歩いていると自然と歴史、暮らしのやさしさを感じますSHIMOTSUMA CITY●14